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Sunday 18 November 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Should Hindus have attendedRowley Divali?

THE EDITOR: Many Hindus were invited to join Prime Minster Dr Keith Rowley and his wife to celebrate Divali last Sunday at the Diplomatic Centre.

There is debate in the Hindu community about the righteousness or unrighteousness of attending.

For guidance, Hindus should refer to the Holy Ramayana and follow the example of Vibhishana, the younger brother of the evil king Ravana.

Though a rakshasa (demon) himself, Vibhishana was of noble character.

In keeping with moral and spiritual values, Vibhishana chose not only to associate with his brother and desert his kingdom.

Vibhishana made the sacrifice by leaving his family behind to join Lord Rama’s army.

No amount of eat-ah-food would fool Vibhishana. He was committed to dharma (principles).

Hindus should have also been guided by the fact that Rowley gave a mere $.5 million to the Divali Nagar but provided $20 million to the Tobago Heritage Festival.

Very few Hindus and Indians were also chosen by Rowley’s Government to perform at Carifesta in Barbados last year.

Take note also that Rohan Sinanan is the only Hindu in Rowley’s 21-member Cabinet.

Om tat sat – let truth prevail.


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