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Thursday 27 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Putting thechildren firstto save nation

THE EDITOR: As we commemorate PTA Day 2018 (yesterday), the members of the TT National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Inc wish to salute, acknowledge and pay tribute to the real human resources and human resource developers of our nation – respectively our children, our parents and guardians and our teachers.

The National Parent-Teacher Association (NPTA) is fully aware that a new civilisation is unfolding worldwide and as a result many problems and dysfunctions in society have been emerging.

Cognisant of this global fact, the NPTA has this year chosen for its theme “Put Children First! Save our Nation” with our major concern encompassing student underperformance, crime, deviance, changing values and lifestyles, and declining respect and disregard for authority, national norms and mores.

We have not taken this trend as the result primarily of unruly children and irresponsible parenting, but rather we see it more hydra-headed than this and therefore believe that it is imperative to address the issues from a far greater serious and holistic way.

This trend of which we refer is certainly a problem affecting society in multiple ways and tends to promote discrimination, pain and fear among all, burdens the economy with tremendous costs brought about by declining productivity and tolerance for one another and even lack of attention to national development and patriotism.

As we celebrate National PTA Week and observe National PTA Day, we urge you to understand that this is just not for us to beat our drums, pat ourselves on the back and promote our organisation, but rather in understanding the nature and dynamics of the unfolding civilisation, we ought to sensitise our society of the need, relevance and importance to put our children first in order to save our nation.

As we trumpet this appeal we urge all our stakeholders to march hand in hand with us embracing our mantra of “Home and school united for the good of the child.”


president, NPTA

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