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Friday 19 April 2019
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Cops sceptical of gang ‘truce’

IN light of a recent upsurge in murders, warring gangs have agreed to a truce in their communities in west Trinidad in an attempt to end the bloodshed.

Newsday spoke yesterday to a senior member of the Muslim gang, who said while it was difficult to say for certain, the gang tried to maintain peace with people from other areas.

In a video circulating on WhatsApp, reputed members of both gangs were seen mingling at a party while pledging to return west Trinidad to safety.

Western Division police however are sceptical.

A senior police officer said the reports of peace were unsubstantiated and dismissed them.

“We’ve been hearing about this report of peace and other things like that, but who are the people going around saying that? As far as I am concerned it’s unsubstantiated. Just old talk.”

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