Beres feels Tobago love

Beres Hammond has the Reggae on the Beach crowd grooving during his performance on Saturday night at Pigeon Point Heritage Park.
Beres Hammond has the Reggae on the Beach crowd grooving during his performance on Saturday night at Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

ICONIC reggae superstar Beres Hammond had Tobago in a frenzy for over an hour on Saturday night as he delivered a spectacular performance at Reggae on the Beach 2018 held at Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

The event, hosted by BWV Entertainment, attracted a mammoth crowd, and Beres made his presence felt like none other.

Walking on stage donning a black jeans with a white, green and blue mixed-coloured long sleeved shirt, the crowd immediately went wild in anticipation of his soulful voice. Beres had his fans mesmerised as he delved into his array of hits which spans decades.

Speaking with Newsday Tobago after his performance, Beres described the evening as "beautiful" and said he totally enjoyed the experience.

SWEET REGGAE MUSIC: The performances on Saturday at Reggae on the Beach had patrons in a dancing mood.

"The show was beautiful... I gave some love and I got back more than I bargained for," he said.

The 63-year-old entertainer said this was his fourth performance on the island, and he always anticipates returning as the energy is always different.

"Same people, more vibes," Beres said, adding that his next move all depends on where his album takes him.

Richie Spice seems in a trance as the crowd sings his hits word for word on Saturday night.

Richell Bonner, more popularly known as Richie Spice, also thrilled fans at the scenic beach. Spice’s signature chant “nah nah nah nah nah nah yea,” rang out as he made his way to the stage. Dressed in a red and orange tuxedo jacket, a black v-neck t-shirt and black pants, he delivered a virtuoso performance, barely singing as the crowd finished verse and chorus for him.

"I am here on a mission and that mission is to sing reggae music; and the type of reggae music I sing is to uplift the people and uplift a nation and make people feel good within themselves and hopeful," he said.

Spice said although he felt the performance was enjoyed by the crowd, he was not happy that he did not have enough time on stage.

ALL SMILES: This couple enjoyed the music at Reggae on the Beach held at Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

"It was rushed and I didn't appreciate that and I know the people didn't appreciate that either, but it was a good vibe," he said.

Richie Spice's last appearance in Tobago was in 2007 in which he was the headline act. While he has two upcoming shows in Negril and the Bahamas, he is focusing on his albums for 2019.

Another act of the night was Carenage-born Michael 'Jamelody' Williams, who commanded the stage, showing his versatility in song and dance to the delight of the spectators as he delivered a high-quality showing.

While it wasn't his first time performing in Tobago, he said he felt privileged to share a stage with reggae icons such as Beres Hammond and Richie Spice.

"Reggae music chose me. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and to be on a show with Richie Spice and Beres – the top guns in the industry – alongside my brother Isasha, it was really nice.

"I was satisfied with the crowd feedback, not 100 per cent as all artistes would expect but I would say I give thanks for every support I get whether negative or positive," he said.

His feel-good music included a performance by La Hoquetta's accomplished reggae/soca artiste Brendon Young known as Isasha.

But even as the show came to an end close to 3.30am, the crowds kept recalling the artistes as the MC encouraged them to return in 2019 for another instalment of the show.

Tobago-born DJ Damion Stewart 'Mighty Krush' and announcer Anesworth Murray 'MC Styx' provided entertainment till sunrise.


"Beres feels Tobago love"

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