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Monday 9 December 2019
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Digicel: Big surprises for customers

Digicel TT's CEO Jabbor Kayumov
Digicel TT's CEO Jabbor Kayumov

After the draw of a million dollar winner on November 7, in Digicel’s 7/7/7 campaign, loyal customers can look forward to a bigger and better campaign for the festive season of Christmas.

Speaking to the media today at a business update conference held at ANSA Centre, Maraval, Digicel CEO Jabbor Kayumov said while he cannot expose in-depth details about the campaign, Digicel is going to come up with a campaign which will create opportunities for all customers to benefit.

“It is a real Christmas order. What I want to say is there will be thousands of surprises, real surprises will be given to our customers – tens of thousands.

“I would say almost 100,000 but it is about how you pack it and how you give it. I don’t want to disclose the details of the campaign but it will be launched mid-November. As soon as we identify the person who wins $1 million from the 7/7/7 draw.”

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