Guntalk Gary...we will shoot to kill

CoP Gary Griffith. Photo Sureash Cholai
CoP Gary Griffith. Photo Sureash Cholai

COMMISSIONER of Police Gary Griffith has warned that firing at or pointing a gun at a police officer could result in your death.

In an interview on CNC3's Morning Brew, earlier today, Griffith responded to a question asking for clarity on the police killing of five people in Trou Macaque, Laventille last night by saying it was being investigated.

He assured the incident would be thoroughly investigated and the Police Victim and Witness Support Unit would give support to relatives of those killed and to police officers involved in the shootout.

"It is an unfortunate situation that developed. Police officers were on a basic patrol, they were met with gunfire. They called for backup through the operation command centre. This matter will be thoroughly investigated. It is nothing that anyone should be pleased about. We have lost the lives of five young men," he said. He then warned criminals of the superiority of the TTPS and that police are trained to shoot to kill.

"I wish to again plead with those people who have gone in the wrong direction, that the TTPS...we will outgun you. We have greater firepower, better training and numerical superiority. It is not the way to go to challenge the TTPS." Referring to a statement he made two weeks ago that police were "rottweilers of aggression", Griffith said criminals have the type of weapons used in war.

"If it is a war they want, it is war they will get. Any person who has a firearm or points a firearm at any officer you would be killed or you would end up in prison. It is a one-way ticket to hell. One of my officers was actually hit by a bullet and saved by a bulletproof vest. That is justification for us to fire and we are not firing to say we can shoot them in their leg. It is one shot, one kill. If you fire at my officers, they are going to fire back and they will fire based on the training that they have which is to kill. We do not want to do that but this is based on self-defence."


"Guntalk Gary…we will shoot to kill"

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