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Friday 19 April 2019
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Letters to the Editor

TT not heeding God's warnings

THE EDITOR: We were warned but we did not listen. What we saw was a physical manifestation of a spiritual event. The Keith Rowley government and the population have felt just the very tip of the whip.

I wonder if Dr Rowley remembers, a few years ago, when he was in Opposition and a storm was supposed to threaten T&T. He was most upset when then prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar sent people home early. God spared us on that occasion. Now, Dr Rowley, the shoe is on the other foot.

You can spin it anyhow you want from a scientific perspective, that it was a once in a 20 year event. It would not change the reality. The scale of this is much larger than government is letting us know, at this time. If we fail to take heed again, worse will come. The miracle is that in both the 6.9 earthquake in August and now the riverine, widespread flooding in October, not a single life was lost.

At least, at the moment of writing. That is God's mercy at work. Those whom He loves, He chastises. He was merciful on Saturday, as well, when He turned away the rain that was supposed to hit us. Keep in mind that this was neither a tropical storm nor a hurricane!

God bless the private citizens who went out to distribute food and water in areas like Kelly Village and St Helena while the government said they have to wait until the flood recedes, before anything can be done.

Thanks are due to the overwhelmed members of the ODPM, Police, Army, Coast Guard, Fire and Health services, many of whom left their own families, to help those in need. Trinidad and Tobago is on the wrong path. God is not happy with the governance of T&T. Unfortunately, when our leaders do nonsense, the people suffer.

He is also not happy with the destruction, both physical and spiritual, that we are doing to T&T. If the Lord determines that the lesson needs reinforcement, then we are in for a very rough time in the next few days, predicted rain, notwithstanding. Pray for God's mercy on our country.


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