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Friday 19 April 2019
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Taxi drivers say few passengers in POS


TAXI drivers in Port of Spain reported a lack of passengers in Port of Spain owing to the flooding.

Marlon, a St James taxi driver, said things were "real slow" when Newsday visited at 11.20am.

"People not coming out. I made three trips for the day. I normally make about ten. I here since 5am."

He added: "But we understand it is because what going on (with the flooding). People get trapped. They can't come out."

Marlon said he expected things to pick back up later in the week.

Another St James taxi driver said he had been there since 7am but had only made $60.

At the neighbouring St Ann's taxi stand, a man said in an hour and a half he had made only one trip.

"People eh come out."

On the San Fernando/Chaguanas stand at Broadway, a San Fernando taxi driver said it was slow for passengers, as a lot of people stayed home, and even taxi drivers took the day off.

"Plenty taxi men eh working."

A Chaguanas driver said some drivers got frustrated by the lack of passengers and left. He estimated things would return to normal by Wednesday.

A taxi driver on the Sangre Grande/Arima stand said there were Sangre Grande taxis, but not many Arima cars, and not many people travelling.

"You seeing it have nobody."

Produce vendor Anjanee Singh said she lives in Caroni and with the flooding she could not reach home on Saturday and had to "hop a truck." She said sales were a bit slow but she was coping with it. A male vendor said there were few people in town because of the floods.

"Hardly have people buying."

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