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Monday 22 April 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Ques on prison system

THE EDITOR: What is the law concerning ownership and use of cellphones by prison inmates? Where are the phone jammers? Why are there always never ending complaints about prisoners being beaten by prisons officers? Is this the preferred way of chastisement for errant prisoners?

What about solitary confinement? In an under staffed prison system this can be seen as an alleged reason for setting up officers to be murdered. Like it or not beating prisoners cannot or should not be acceptable. Murder and mayhem over cell phones? Are we living in a 'B' movie?

The prison service is dangerously understaffed. What is being done about bolstering the service with trained estate police to cover certain areas of work and leave the main duties to be done by trained prison staff? This could allegedly be done until recruitment and training of more prisons officers can be achieved.

One other important question: When is it going to be acknowledged that this country needs to have a state of the art, new style large prison facility erected. Golden Grove needs to be improved like yesterday. Is it a pie in the sky idea to rebuild and extend Carrera Island prison to hold more inmates?

Is it still too early to talk about removing the prison/Reform Yard from Frederick Street or are we unwilling to make that decision? How much compensation will be offered to the bereaved families of prisons officers? Condolences from the public can never be enough.

Lynette Joseph

Diego Martin

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