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Thursday 21 March 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Prison officers, look in the mirror

THE EDITOR: Sweet sweet TnT oh how we love thee. Two weeks ago it was the Oilfield Workers Trade Union blaming, pontificating and calling for a national strike because of the closure of a failing, money-guzzling state-owned institution.

Last week we saw the Prison's Officers Association blaming, pontificating and calling for a sick out from work. What do these two entities have in common? They refuse to look at the man in the mirror. It is extremely sad that Prisons officers are losing their lives. But who is to blame?

The Government? Lack of firearm protection? Who? Again I call on all prison officers to look in the mirror. Shots are being called to assassinate prison officers from behind prison walls, business deals and calls for extortion are being made from inside the prison walls.

We all know it, therefore how are cell phones getting into the prison? All prison officers need to look in the mirror, their colleagues who are corrupt are helping to kill them.

Search any YouTube video for prison life in TT and you will see inmates listening to music on phones, men drinking Hennessy and Johnny Walker and smoking marijuana. How are these items getting into the prisons? Therefore I say you want to see change? let's start with the man in the mirror. Sweet sweet TnT oh how we love thee.

Kelli Coombs

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