Mark's political suicide

THE EDITOR: The idea to place political blame for any increase in suicide statistics in TT on the Peoples National Movement (PNM) is unpalatable, misguided and just plain sick. Senator Wade Mark is not just representing himself, he represents a political party that has many supporters of Indian origin.

In this little third world country where image is everything, Senator Mark can be alleged to be contributing to the idea that the UNC is bereft of sensitive, caring speakers. Senator Mark asks that we go to the United Nations website for verification regarding his accusation. Senator Mark is allegedly just digging at racial worms because the United Nations has records that show people of Indian descent are prone to committing suicide.

Are we next to ask Senator Mark how many people of which race in our multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural society will allegedly, possibly commit suicide if they join the unemployment statistics? Is he allegedly talking about strength of character to survive hard times or just being silly?

We live in a democracy where, luckily, anybody can say anything, regardless of how disgusting. The sitting Opposition has an uphill task to win the 2020 elections that defy climbing Mt Everest. They do not need foot-in-mouth allegations from their leader in the Senate.

All is fair in love, war and politics. Senator Mark's misguided allegation is yet another self-inflicted coffin nail/time bomb from the UNC for week ending October 20, 2018.

History will record their pain in 2020.

Lynette Joseph, Diego Martin.


"Mark's political suicide"

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