We living in jail

THE EDITOR: Trinidad is a land totally controlled by the criminal elements and will continue to get worse. We have lost our soul and our way as a nation. Crime and corruption rules in every level of society. We live in an independent nation, but we are not free. I want to use some words from the late calypsonian Sedley "Penguin" Joseph's popular song:

"Everybody talking 'bout freedom, but is like everybody blind If you think we living in freedom, the freedom only in your mind;

Everywhere I look, criminals and crook terrorise as they run amok;

While poor you and me behind lock and key, moving 'round like if we in shock.

We living in jail, we living in jail.

While criminals out on bail, honest men catching dey tail in their homemade jail

You can't walk the streets no more, you 'fraid to open your door like we fighting war

We living in jail, we living in jail."

Chelsea Bedase, Chaguanas


"We living in jail"

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