Tobago: Flooding, landslides, fallen tree after 3 days of rain

The Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) reported four incident between, Wednesday and Friday morning caused by three days of heavy rainfall.

Fortunately, no one was injured, Allan Stewart, director of TEMA, told Newsday Tobago on Friday afternoon.

On Wednesday TEMA reported a fallen tree on the Plymouth Road near Spring Garden Trace around 10am. This caused traffic congestion, as the tree partially blocked the road, along with some fallen TTEC wires. The y were removed by 12pm.

On Friday morning TEMA responded to reports of a fallen tree in the Bacolet area and flash flooding at Black Rock threatening a house nearby.

Stewart said the fallen tree did not cause any damage to the property or injure anyone, and was removed within an hour. There was also a report of a landslide in the Summer Hill area in Whim Crescent that same morning.

Stewart said the flooding at Black Rock was handled by the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment, as it posed an environmental threat to property owners, and was treated with urgency as the flood waters included large amounts of faeces from an animal farm metres away.

He warned that owing to the rain, "there is a strong possibility" of flash flooding and people should take endangered possession to higher ground and secure their premises." Landslides and fallen trees were also a risk, and he said drivers should be vigilant too..


"Tobago: Flooding, landslides, fallen tree after 3 days of rain"

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