Bring back hangman

THE EDITOR: We now have a new Minister of National Security and a new Commissioner of Police who I believe are doing their best. But the murders keep continuing and blood keeps flowing. On Wednesday it was prison officer Darren Francis, yesterday it was radio talkshow host Ricardo "Gladiator" Welch, tomorrow it could be you.

Leaders, bring back the hangman! It is starling to me how we can be at times hypocritical and please do not feel offended. As a nation so many of us are crying out about crime especially murders and when what is the law “hanging” is brought to the table we seem to oppose it. I marvel when people see hanging as barbaric but I do not hear these same people making reference to the barbaric act committed to another innocent mother, child, pensioner and the list goes on by brutally murdering them.

Far as I am concerned if you can kill someone and then dismember their body you deserve the hangman. The question one might ask is, will hanging bring about change? Many have said 'no' based on data. I believe it is a combination of capturing and prosecuting the suspect in a timely manner. Once that has been accomplished, hanging is the next step without delay.

I am almost certain that with hangings, the criminal elements will think twice before going down that road. We cannot just talk about hangings not working in the past, but implement it and see the results. I am appealing to all in authority that there are heartless individuals terrorising our society with no regard to God, man or beast.

You need to find the language they will respond to and act. War has been declared against law abiding citizens by the criminal element. A response is needed urgently for what has been done so far, is not bringing about the required or desired results. Bring back the hangman! Tough times demand tough decisions.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan


"Bring back hangman"

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