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Thursday 21 March 2019
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Modernising D Longtime Band

D Longtime Band
D Longtime Band


IF the Kaiso Blues Cafe launch is anything to go by then Etienne and Friends Brass Mas will be a hit for Carnival 2019.

In the space of three years Etienne and Friends Brass Mas – a Carnival Monday afternoon tee-shirt band with live brass music, has turned into somewhat of a “monster”. At the launch of its 2019 presentation D Longtime Band at Kaiso Blues Cafe last Friday evening, committee member Peter Samuel told the sold-out audience that the band will now have three live brass bands and one steel orchestra.

Born out of the need to preserve TT’s musical heritage through live music, award-winning trumpeter Etienne Charles started Brass Mas with members of his family. In 2017 the band portrayed We The People and in 2018 Street Party. Both were very successful.

The long and short of D Longtime Band

Now the third edition seems to be way out there with the recruitment of Pelham Goddard and Roots, Dil E Nadan and Hadco Phase II Pan Groove.

While we were not able to hear the video message from Charles (technical difficulties) who was in San Francisco, Samuel said it was necessary as some of the masqueraders complained about not hearing the music.

“We listened to the masqueraders and have added several things for their comfort. We now have a bar on a 40-foot trailer, 100 security personnel, two paramedics and two registered nurses. We have also included portable washrooms (Wee Wee trucks).

Costumes for D Longtime Band.

“More than that we will provide two 25-seater, air-condition buses for those who want to rest while the band is on the road.”

Samuel added, “There will also be free, secured parking before the band moves off.”

D Longtime Band, masqueraders will receive a tee shirt, hat, backpack and a cup.

Friday’s launch saw performances by Derrick Seales, (Dil E Nadan), Anslem Douglas (Roots) Leon Coldero (guest) and the duo of Moricia Cagan and Nigel O’Connor backed by Roots.

Patrons having a good time.

The launch turned into a big people party as Cagan had the audience singing and dancing along with her performance.

Registration for D Longtime Band has started at the mas camp at 84 Tragarete Road, Newtown, Port of Spain.

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