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Friday 19 April 2019
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Teacher bullied after girl warned over oral sex at school

A SECONDARY school teacher is seeking a transfer from the school where she teaches because she is being bullied by certain students whenever she disciplines them.

One such incident involved a female student engaging in oral sex in the classroom.

The teacher hired an attorney, who yesterday sent a letter to the principal, seeking compensation for malicious damage to the teacher’s Ford Ranger last week Tuesday. It happened at the school in south Trinidad, and, in a letter sent on the teacher’s behalf, attorney Sunil Harrilal referred to a series of incidents at the school since May in which other teachers’ cars were also maliciously damaged, because they disciplined certain students.

So serious is the level of indiscipline at the school, that on any given day, only two-thirds of the teaching staff attends. Yesterday, only 18 of 40 teachers reported to work.

Harrilal, in his letter to the principal, which was copied to the schools supervisor of the South-Eastern Education District, said the teacher fears for her life, because in the aftermath of the malicious damage last week Tuesday, schoolchildren threatened her.

Attached to Harilal’s letter is the teacher’s complaint to the principal and photos of her damaged vehicle.

In the complaint, she said a few weeks ago, she had warned a female student about her unbecoming behaviour with a male student in an upper form. The student (name mentioned) was involved in acts of confrontation as well as acts of a sexual nature. The teacher said in her letter to the principal that she had warned the girl on several occasions.

However, instead, the girl continued her behaviour and recently was caught having oral sex with a male student.

The teacher sternly reprimanded the girl last week Tuesday, and that afternoon, on reaching home, she saw the left door and fender of her car were badly scraped. She reported it to the police.

Recently, as well, the teacher said, a group of students had a heated verbal confrontation with other teachers over a newspaper article which highlighted their behaviour. The hubcaps of some teachers’ cars were ripped off that same day.

After an incident in May when she had to confront girls threatening to fight, her Hilux vehicle was damaged.

The attorney’s letter to the principal seeks an investigation into Tuesday’s malicious damage. The teacher has not gone to work since Tuesday.

The attorney wrote in the letter that she wishes to be transferred immediately.

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