Of infidelity and murder

THE EDITOR: Does belonging to a religious organisation automatically save members from perpetrating domestic violence and murder? Alleged infidelity in T&T can come at the lofty price of human life.

We must continually return to the observation that men and women in this country would rather die or kill each other because they cannot or will not face rejection. Domestic violence and murder sometimes appear almost inevitable. Domestic violence contributes heavily to the staggering crime statistics which flow from retaliatory gang murders.

Is it that murder in TT is an acceptable consequence for just getting vexed with another human being whether it be over drugs, gang turf warfare and infidelity? Is it that we take grave physical punishment as a normal reaction to any and every human disturbance?

As a nation we appear to be inordinately obsessed with ridicule, real or imagined, as part of a retaliatory political and personal process. We are constrained by the word ‘disrespect’

Are TT citizens uniquely mentally and emotionally lacking? Is it our democratic right to perpetrate mental and physical violence when we cannot win an argument? At the bottom line, are we looking at a nation of people who just cannot deal with failure? TT can be described as a nice, violent, democratic little paradise. Just do not annoy anybody. And never forget, image is everything and nothing is for free.

Lynette Joseph
, Diego Martin


"Of infidelity and murder"

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