No smoke without fire, Mr Dumas

THE EDITOR: I am taken aback by fellow Tobagonian Reginald Dumas when he claimed that in his many years, he never heard talk of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley being named in various allegations.

This was in response to allegations made by Dr Roodal Moonilal during his contribution to the budget debate in Parliament about questionable banking transactions regarding the “fake oil” scandal.

Perhaps Mr Dumas, the former head of the public service was out of the country during the 2008/2009 budget debate, when former prime minister Patrick Manning asked about an unaccounted $10m in the Cleaver Heights project (for which Dr Rowley was the then line minister). “Where the money gone,” was Mr Manning’s question in Parliament.

Surely Mr Dumas can’t say he has never heard about the Landate affair either. And now this new allegation revealed by the Oropouche East MP. Before Mr Dumas accuses Dr Moonilal of barking up the wrong tree, he should remember the saying of every granny in Tobago: “there is never smoke without fire.”

Noel Sampson
, Tobago


"No smoke without fire, Mr Dumas"

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