Formula ready to fix Scarborough RC tiles

EDUCATION Facilities Company Limited (EFCL), the Project Management Agency responsible for the construction of the Scarborough Roman Catholic school, has decided to use an epoxy-based formula to give the tiles at the school traction to prevent future slipping incidents.

Speaking to Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) Tobago Officer Orlando Kerr on Wednesday, he said a meeting was held on Tuesday at the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy Dutch Fort Office between TTUTA and officials from the division. He said he was told the works are expected to be done soon.

“We asked about short-term measures they would have put in place to prevent another slipping incident, they told us they cordoned off an area and ask persons not to use that area, but it’s children so I don’t know how effective that would be. We were told by the division the contractors were re-engaged and they would undertake remedial work in the area where the slipping happened. We were also told there is a material they could use to put over the tile that would give it some traction – that is what they are looking at. We are just following to see the results,” Kerr said.

Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles told Newsday Tobago on Wednesday that the contract with the project management agency responsible for the construction indicates there is a defects liability period. He added the contractors and the division’s Public Implementation Unit (PIU) are working through the issues, while the School Supervision Units (SSI) will continue to monitor the situation.

On October 8, the division issued a release on a slipping incident, stating one teacher and a few students slipped on tiles at the school.

Newsday Tobago was told by sources that two teachers and five students have fallen after slipping on the tiles since the beginning of the school term. Two students received foot injuries and another student was taken the Scarborough General Hospital for medical attention after falling and hitting his head, and one teacher suffered a sprained ankle and is currently resting at home.

Upon receiving the report, the division contacted the school’s contractors, who made a commitment to take the necessary steps to remedy the problem in the shortest possible time.


"Formula ready to fix Scarborough RC tiles"

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