CoP’s task, a tough one

THE EDITOR: I was a passenger in a taxi at 8.50 am on Monday. The driver was stopped near the Ste Madeleine Police station. A portly female officer (number taken) was extremely rude and hostile towards the driver. Why was this? Is it because of his race? The time of the month? All documents were found to be intact.

Mr Police Commissioner I do not envy you. Please train your officers to deal better with the public. I might have excused this behavior at 9 pm on a Friday but not early on a Monday morning...the start of the week. Good thing I read “Dealing with Difficult people” and was able to take control.

Mr Commissioner sir you have your work cut out for you. Your task brings to mind a certain show, “Mission Impossible.’’

AV Rampersad
, Princes Town


"CoP’s task, a tough one"

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