Working for $7.26 a month

THE EDITOR: If you were working for minimum wage and the leader of your country made a public announcement that minimum wages were to increase by 300%, you would be thrilled right? Well, maybe not if the country you lived in was Venezuela!

President Nicolas Maduro recently announced the tripling of the minimum wage from 1 million Bolivars a month to 3 million Bolivars a month. However, that monthly figure amounts to only US$1.07 at the black market rate! Wrap your brains around that for a moment and try to imagine working for TT$7.26 a month!

If those socialist madmen from next door don’t scare the hell out of you then let the local ones do so! Next time Ancel Roget belts out “take your rig and go!”, we should all belt back where he can take his union and go!

Steven Valdez, Westmoorings


"Working for $7.26 a month"

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