School bullying

THE EDITOR: I am making a call to the powers that be to take the initiative and deal with this bullying/violent situation before it's too late. I have seen far too many of these school fights on social media and never hear about the outcome of such terrible behaviour by our nation's youth...the so called leaders of tomorrow.

It's time to take a stand and let the children know that enough is enough, that we the people have had enough of this ridiculous behaviour. In the Parliament, can't both sides work on legislation that can help prevent bullying or treat with this epidemic in our schools? Can't they organise help for known bullies and protection for victims of bullying?

We need to address this issue urgently as it appears to be rapidly getting out of hand. I must also make mention of how it irks me to watch the parliamentary channel and observe these respectable adults, senators, the honorable this and that behaving in a less than honorable manner what with name calling, teasing back and forth, not listening to the Speaker.

The youths are looking at you. What examples are you setting? This is one of the highest levels of public office and service and it is made to seem so undesirable. What do you think the Parliament will become when the youths have to take over? Please set a proper example.

Kizzy Williams via email


"School bullying"

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