What turnaround?

THE EDITOR: Despite of what was said by the Minister of Finance Mr Colm Imbert that the economy is turning around and things are better than before, it will take some doing to really believe this.

Following up with the intent to close the Petrotrin refinery which seems to me a done deal, we now have some 2,000 TSTT workers who may also be sent home in the near future. Is it that the country's economic turnaround is possible with thousands being sent home? I am only guessing here, I wonder if WASA will be next.

With what is taking place presently in the area of people losing their jobs, we can brace ourselves for some tough times ahead. It cannot and will not be business as usual in Trinidad and Tobago, thousands of homes will be adversely affected by these lay-offs and while we may not want to admit it, many citizens will fall into poverty.

This goes further than just those being sent home. Many wives, husbands, children and relatives who may be relying on this one source of income, will be in for very rough times. We need to see the bigger picture.

Where is the statement, “sending home is a last means, look at other options”? I heard this cry by our leaders in society when privately owned businesses were doing the firing. Is this the only solution? From the outlook, we have a very tough road to travel ahead and mass unemployment can in no way signify an economic turning around in my judgment.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan


"What turnaround?"

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