Man fined $30,000 for marijuana on Scarborough port

Ricky Ochoa, of Anna Dawning Trace. Sixth Company Moruga Road, Trinidad, who also lives at 73 Sangsters Hill, Scarborough, was fined $30 000 by senior magistrate Indrani Cedeno for possession of marijuana at the Scarborough Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning.

Around 7.30 pm on October 14 Ochoa was spotted acting suspiciously by police from the Scarborough station on patrol near the port. He was seen in a white Nissan AD wagon, PCH 867, trying to leave the port, but abruptly turned the car around when he noticed the marked police vehicle.

Ochoa was stopped and searched and police found 2 kg of marijuana wrapped in clear and multi-coloured plastic bags inside a larger black plastic bag between a piece of plyboard and the rear bumper of the car. The marijuana was seized and Ochoa was charged at the Scarborough police station by PC Kernel Dates of the divisional Task Force.

He pleaded guilty and was fined $30,000 or five years' hard labour.


"Man fined $30,000 for marijuana on Scarborough port"

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