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Friday 19 April 2019
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Letters to the Editor

How to win friends…

THE EDITOR: In order to remain politically beautiful, one should understandably appear to be friendly. In a general election scenario, Tobago is as important as Trinidad and their two electoral seats remain as good as gold. In my personal estimation the electoral price of political gold in Tobago should increase exponentially by the year 2020.

My toes curled for the UNC as I looked at the Parliament Channel last Friday. Image is everything. The belligerent stance of the UNC ministerial queries painted a picture that asked, "What they need all that money for in Tobago?'' The Minister of Finance was grilled for every cent he has allocated to Tobago for 2019. And rightly so. But why the barely concealed and unnecessary venom from the UNC? Why engage in making millions look like billions?

Money allocated to Tobago is chicken feed compared to paying for the complete restructuring of Petrotrin. The upgrading of everything in Tobago is as relevant as breathing. Read my lips: Tobago cannot do without Trinidad and Trinidad needs Tobago like never before. One hand cannot clap. It is as politically simple as that.

Forget the legacy of Arthur Napoleon Robinson at your peril. As usual, the UNC continues to ingest self-inflicted political coffin nails on a daily basis.

Lynette Joseph, Diego Martin

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Letters to the Editor