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Monday 20 May 2019
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Poor ticket sales, Eat Drink Jazz cancelled

Brian McKnight
Brian McKnight

DUE to poor ticket sales the Eat Drink Jazz concert scheduled for October 13, which was supposed to be headlined by American R&B legend Brian McKnight, has been cancelled.

Event producer Ancil Valley said, “Advanced ticket sales up to this point were not sufficient enough to cover the overall cost of the event. Even though deposits were made to many suppliers and over 75 per cent of the fee to Mr McKnight was already paid along with the flights for the group, the balances for production, local suppliers, police, fire services and the Jean Pierre Complex could not have been met."

The show, which was scheduled for the complex on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, also had in its line-up local artistes Clifford Charles, Genisa "Nisa" St Hillaire, Kes The Band and Valley, who is also a jazz vocalist.

Valley said in a media release that engineers and equipment have already landed for the show but the lack of sales has made the event impossible to execute.

Eat Drink Jazz was formerly staged on the San Fernando Hill in San Fernando for the past four years but was moved to Port of Spain this year. Valley said this latest setback is not the end of the Eat Drink Jazz brand. He said the event will be restructured and will return better than before.

“After five years of growth we will find ways to get past this hurdle. We apologise to all

the fans that were excited about the show and promise them that we will be back,” he


All tickets will be refunded at the outlets where they were purchased. Refund details will be posted on the event social media pages.

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