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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Le Hunte: Desalcott repairs ahead of schedule

Water back by tomorrow night

MINISTER of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte yesterday told WASA customers in Central and South, affected by the four-day shutdown of the Desalcott plant, that they should have their supply restored by tomorrow night. He said repairs were completed yesterday, hours ahead of schedule, though it would take at least 48 hours before the water supply is restored.

Le Hunte said engineers at Desalcott worked tirelessly from the shutdown on Monday to speed up the repairs.

“We are on track. As a matter of fact we are a little bit ahead of schedule with respect to the repairs at the desalination plant. The work was expected to be finished yesterday and water was supposed to be reaching citizens by noon on Sunday.

“However we will going back up to schedule – that was the original plan. We are now expecting that by at least Saturday night we will be able to have water restored, reaching the general public affected by the shutdown”.

He said 95 per cent of requests for truck-borne water at schools, hospitals and homes for the aged were met.

He commended WASA for doing a good job in managing this process and minimising its impact.

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