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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Seeing art with Black Eyes

BLACK EYES is the title of an exhibition by German painter Wulf Gerstenmaier. The exhibition, described as a fictive conversation between the body and soul, is on at The Art Society, Jamaica Boulevard in Federation Park.

Each painting will challenge the viewer to see the world through the enchanted eyes of contemporary art which has thoroughly exploited the creative development of the collection. Operating seamlessly between fine arts and conservation, Gerstenmaier embodies the modern Renaissance Man, said a media release.

“He accepts fully that we are in a new age of modernism but insists on aesthetic dignity in an era that embraces a staunch primitivism and minimal skill. He is firmly anchored in tradition and training but thinks like a revolutionary,” the release said.

His evocative paintings embrace a sense of passionate serenity. Strong but fluid, his work has a through line that speaks to the environments he surrounds himself with, his love for the beauty of the human form and his sense of geometric experimentation. While pushing the boundaries of the expectations of formal sculpture, the work opens up the viewer’s own potential for abstract possibilities.

Black Eyes opened on Tuesday and continues until Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.

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