Griffith praises Tobago police on crime-fighting efforts

Photo courtesy TTPS
Photo courtesy TTPS

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, on Friday, praised Tobago officers on their crime fighting efforts on the island despite the lack of the necessary equipment and obsolete working conditions.

On his first official visit to Tobago since being appointed to the top cop post in August, Griffith toured police stations throughout the island - Scarborough, Charlottesville, Roxborough, Old Grange and Crown Point – and met with officers.

After a tour of the Scarborough police station, Griffith told the media:

“The station might be older than others but what I’m seeing is good organisation. Sometimes when people have something that is not of high quality they would just drop their standard of work. The standard I am seeing here from the Scarborough Police Station is that these officers have a lot of pride.

“Looking at the working conditions and the constraints they continue to work to the best of their ability. With the improvement of other new stations (Roxborough and Old Grange) being built I think it will take away a lot of what is being done at Scarborough police station.”

Griffith also encouraged Tobagonians to become agents of ensuring their communities remain safe.

“I am keeping my door open. If anyone has a recommendation or concern, pass onto me at 482-gary through What’s App or text.

“People continue to state they know where the criminals are, they know where the drugs are and the gang members are but I need as much information as possible to assist the police service and to turn that information into intelligence and evidence,” he said.

Tobago Divisional Commander, acting Senior Superintendent Jeffrey George, said he was pleased to have Griffith visit the Tobago Police Division to give advice.

“Through this visit, he can see what we are doing here in Tobago and he can provide any necessary assistance in training and equipment, so the officers can continue to serve Tobago. As you would realise the officers need training in investigations so with our discussions with the Commissioner I hope we can bear some fruit,” said George.

Superintendent Sterling Roberts said the officers were elated by the CoP visit. He said Tobago police were ready to work with and assist the Griffith in tackling crime in Tobago.


"Griffith praises Tobago police on crime-fighting efforts"

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