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Friday 13 December 2019
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868 said to evoke national pride, passion

Brian Lara.
Brian Lara.

The Telecommunications Services of TT (TSTT) is creating awareness about this country’s code of 868, saying these unique digits have become a symbol that evokes a sense of national pride, passion and love for country.

The three iconic digits have become part of many Trinbagonians’ identity, TSTT said in a media release yesterday. The digits correspond to the letters TNT on a phone keypad. Before TT adopted it, there was just one common regional code, 809.

TSTT’s vice president of corporate communications, Marsha Caballero, said celebrating the 868 places patriotism at the fore.

“The iconography in the logo was intentional. It is infused with elements from our culture and historical influences and draws on the uniqueness of TT’s landscape, nature and the ingenuity of our people,” Caballero said.

TSTT, she said, is proud of the technology it has introduced over the years and the innovation it continues to champion.

“It is the perfect way to celebrate how ‘868’ has become a rallying point for national identity and for citizens who are proud of where they are from, proud of their own aspirations and proud of everything, great and small, that makes us stand out.”

On August 31, in celebration of Independence Day, TSTT launched an 868 campaign which is trending particularly social media through its subsidiary bmobile’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

One of bmobile’s brand ambassadors, Brian Lara, told his “868 story” and TSTT encourages citizens to tell their own stories.

Another aspect of the campaign is for people to correctly identify hidden images and unscramble words. Among the prizes are limited-edition 868 T-shirts.

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