Leaked alcohol causes CAL emergency evac


PASSENGERS onboard a Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) aircraft to Tobago were evacuated after alcohol leaked onto electronics inside the cockpit earlier this morning.

A source told Newsday Tobago that the impact of the plane landing caused glass bottles of beverages stacked behind the pilot to fall and shatter. Spilled liquid in the cockpit caused electrical wiring to short-circuit. Officials from the Crown Point Fire station instructed the pilot to immediately disembark all passengers and other crew members from the aircraft.

Public Relations Officer of the Tobago Fire Division David Thomas, confirmed that at about 9.40 am, an emergency call from CAL was received indicating an issue onboard one of their aircraft. On arrival at the ANR Robinson airport, fire officials ordered the evacuation of all 68 passengers and four crew members.

A CAL release later confirmed flight BW 3502 bound for ANR Robinson International Airport, Tobago was brought to a stop at the end of the runway at the airport, after the cockpit crew were alerted by a strong smell of alcohol in the aircraft.


"Leaked alcohol causes CAL emergency evac"

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