Mas and fashion

The model portrays Fidem  Love in all its splendor Amare.
The model portrays Fidem Love in all its splendor Amare.


TWO rows of white flowers from the entrance to the altar meshing into two large screens, together with subdue lighting, and the backdrop of the stained glass of the All Saints Anglican Church on Marli Street made the perfect setting for the mas of K2K Alliance and Partners.

Designer Claudia Pegus, left, takes a hard look at this costume.

Last Friday, designers Kathy and Karen Norman revealed their 2019 Carnival presentation Through Stained Glass Windows at the church.

The who’s who entered the church with an awe of anticipation, among them Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, former minister of culture Dr Lincoln Douglas, Speaker of the House of Representative Bridgid Annisette-George, world-renowned designer Claudia Pegus and former Miss Universe Janelle Penny Commissiong are just a few who were present.

Dancers introduce Amare

Once again the Norman twins have outdone themselves, they have shown how to mix fashion and mas in a tasty way. Here are some highlights from the launch.

Their 2019 story is simple: "Beyond the breaking down of social strata, the stained glass to us is the personification of life. Our lives are like stained glass windows, comprising of shattered images of events that are pieced together over time; stained happenings that are soldered, but are eventually scored and broken by experience. However, over time we become a resilient structure, a pane built for weathering any storm; a walking storyboard of ever-changing art.

Shining a light on the world is Lux

The 2019 K2K Alliance and Partners' Carnival presentation titled  Through Stained Glass Windows is inspired by the peace prayer of St Francis of Assisi.

To reveal faith


"Mas and fashion"

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