Wrong Divali date declared

THE EDITOR: For yet another time, our Hindu population is being misguided on the date for Divali 2018. Hindu shaastras (law books) clearly declare that Divali ought to be celebrated on the day which ushers in the sunset of the new moon in the month of Kaartik (October/November). That date is November 7 – not November 6.

Unfamiliarity with the basic tenets of lunar calculations (tithi) coupled with carelessly interchanging solar and lunar data may well be the reasons for this continuous grave error.

One should take note of the fact that places east, west, north and south of us are observing Divali on November 7. Examples outside of India are Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, England (eg London and Birmingham), Guyana, Suriname, US (eg Chicago and California), Canada (eg Vancouver).

The intelligence of the wider Hindu population should not be insulted by declaring dates without proper consultation. The proper observance of utsavas (auspicious days) help to shape the Hindu mind so that he/she becomes an exemplar within the family, and aspires to improve the social fabric with the goal of creating a progressive nation.

We implore those mandated with the relevant responsibility to rectify the situation.


spiritual head

Sanatan Vidwad Vidyalaya

Hindu School of Theology


"Wrong Divali date declared"

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