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Thursday 20 June 2019
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‘Get us out of Maloney’

THE family of murdered driver Ramon Cyrillo is pleading with Minister of Housing Edmund Dillon to help them relocate from crime-infested Maloney.

Cyrillo’s mother told Newsday yesterday she wrote to Dillon appealing for help with moving out of the area, which has been the site of several crimes over the past couple of weeks. “I know there is crime all over the place, but it cannot be as bad as Maloney.”

She said she had been trying to move out of the area since before her son was killed, citing problems with unruly neighbours and crime as some reasons for wanting to move, but her son’s death has exacerbated the situation.

She told Newsday yesterday she has been living in fear that criminals may strike again, after they shot her son and another man, identified as Azizi Mc Kenna, of Building 13, Maloney. last week.

Police said at about 8 pm on September 17, Maloney Crime Patrol Unit police heard of a shooting at the car park of Building 2, where they found Mc Kenna bleeding from gunshot wounds. He was taken to hospital,. A short while after, Cyrillo’s relatives brought him in, also with gunshot wounds. Both men later died.

Cyrillo was cremated last Saturday, after a funeral at the Maloney RC Church.

Police are working on several theories, and were trying to establish a link between the double homicide and a raid the week before which resulted in the seizure of 37 kilos of compressed marijuana,

Last Sunday another man, identified as Tristan Martin, was shot 17 times at a food stall on Semp Avenue. Calls to Housing Minister Dillon went to voicemail.

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