Year too long to probeofficers

THE EDITOR: The Commissioner of Police said his phone number is available 24/7 to everyone who wants to report a crime or talk with him. However, when Anand Ramesar, secretary of the Police Social and Welfare Association, attempted to reach him, the call went to voice mail.

As soon as he was appointed, I thought all hell would break lose and he would go after the criminals and the 300 officers under investigation.

I don’t believe that waiting one year for a hearing is a reasonable time. I think the CoP should make arrangements to resolve the fate of the suspended officers within three months. Why pay 300 suspended officers for a year while awaiting hearings?

I also believe the CoP can initiate legislation to forfeit pension benefits for convicted officers. These officers took an oath to protect and serve the people. This is the opportunity for Gary Griffith to demonstrate that he is not impotent on criminals. Are we paying corrupt officers for their criminal activities?

He was all hot and sweaty when he got the appointment. It was said he would hit the ground running and frankly I still believe he has the potential to make a dent on crime. But his phone has to be available 24/7 to accomplish communication.

I also believe that the commissioner can purge the police by demanding that all 300 suspended officers undergo DNA testing and background checks.

The fate of these officers lies in the hands of the CoP. He should show the nation that he means business and swiftly investigate the 300 officers and keep his phone activated.



"Year too long to probeofficers"

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