Unions facing destiny

THE EDITOR: Is the OWTU wasting time and money on full-page advertisements extolling their views on the closure of the Petrotrin refinery? Flour thicker than water has now become sludge with not enough flour left over to make a dumpling.

Read my lips: the necessity for the refinery closure was independently researched. It HAD to be shut down. More threats to march in even greater numbers? Which numbers? From where? Only people from South Trinidad? The OWTU need to wake and smell the coffee. Trade unionism in TT is transitioning to a place where their ability to perform transparently is under question.

Why do the same union leaders reign supreme, year after year as if presidents for life? Where is the democracy within the trade union movement? Where is the transparency and the respect that we the public should be demanding? Same old, same old, is now watching the same old union leaders making the same old threats.

How many people will support more self-serving, arrogant marching with the allegedly expressed view to shut down TT? We have progressed too far as a republic to turn back.

Republic Day 2018 should be the most interesting ever.

Lynette Joseph, Diego Martin


"Unions facing destiny"

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