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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Some things should stay private

THE EDITOR: There's an expectation from the entire population that Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is the man to bring crime to it's lowest level and give the citizens some long overdue comfort. This belief was among serving and retired police officers.

But we are very shocked that our CoP is reporting negative administrative issues of the Police Service via the press and endorsed by the TT Police Social and Welfare Association, it's bargaining body.

There is a certain protocol to follow when dealing with these internal administrative matters. Mr CoP, you are coming across as, "Me versus Dem," which can never be positive. The Police Service is one of the oldest institution in TT governed by the Police Service Act, Police Service Regulations, Standing Orders and Departmental Orders. It is not a gang or a runaway horse that some of us want others to believe.

Finally it is expected that you be guided by your executive police officers. God Bless Our Nation.

Athelston Clinton, Arima

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Letters to the Editor