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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Great job on coastal clean-up

THE EDITOR: The coastal clean-up that was carried out throughout the country last weekend was, without a doubt, a major success. The coming together of many teams to give our coast area a face lift was an excellent idea.

Let me say job well done to all those who formed part of this exercise.

I did take note of the garbage that was collected old tyres, household stuff, bottles, cups, plates, you name it, the clean-up crew had to deal with it. While the crew did an excellent job it did reflect on the general public badly. Why must we have to do this every so often and still end up with all that garbage, it never fails. One report says there was 2,000 pounds of garbage at just one location. Come on citizens!

I will like to suggest at these coastal areas where people visit regularly huge bins be placed, also litter wardens for those who just chose to dump rubbish on the beach. We all can just carry garbage bags if there are no bins and do the needful. We need to take pride in our surroundings, keeping it beautiful and preserving sea life. Many of those cups, plates and cans do end up in the ocean. So while I am ever grateful for those regular clean up coastal crew, let us all do our part.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan

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Letters to the Editor