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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Oreo an unwise political treat

THE EDITOR: People who should have known better bought a political biscuit called Oreo to the total destruction of their political image.

There are interpretations, all valid, as to why you do not eat the Oreo in a politically sensitive scenario. Misuse of this expensive and rich biscuit puts on weight where you least expect it.

It damages the reputation of anyone who feigns ignorance of the political fallout. It defines who is ignorant of the political calories they have consumed alongside those who choose to deliberately eat political trouble.

The results for indulging in this most unwise political treat will be seen at the end of the road race for the general election of 2020.

Any political strategist worth his/her salt will advise against self-indulgence. Not everyone can walk away or claim ignorance about the meaning/interpretation of the word Oreo.

Eat this delicacy at your political peril. Once swallowed it is difficult to say sorry for ingesting.


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Letters to the Editor