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Thursday 20 June 2019
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No problem with Commonwealth lawyers

Dr Fuad Khan
Dr Fuad Khan


BARATARIA/San Juan MP Dr Fuad Khan said there is nothing wrong with Commonwealth lawyers serving as judges in TT. Khan weighed in Thursday on views expressed by Independent Senator Sophia Chote SC during debate on the Miscellaneous Provisions (Supreme Court of Judicature and Children) Bill, 2018 in the Senate on Tuesday.

Chote argued the appointment of Commonwealth lawyers as judges in TT would be grossly unfair to local lawyers.

But Khan took a different view. “Having Commonwealth lawyers will bring diversity and a difference if they are allowed to serve as supreme court judges," he said. Khan added “We have a small country. Mostly everyone knows someone who knows another. This can cause compromise.”

The House’s deliberations on this bill could be the final act before the current parliamentary session prorogues. The new parliamentary is expected to begin early next month. Presentation of the 2018/2019 Budget and its subsequent debate in both houses of parliament will be the top item on the agenda in the new session.

Sources claim Budget Day could be October 8.

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