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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Justice for Gregory

While police search for two people of interest in the investigation into the death of Gregory Alejandro Adam Singh, one of the nation’s premier theatrical producers, members of the drama and theatre community have begun crying out for justice.

The community has been calling for the arrest of the two men suspected to have a hand in his death, and even sent a message to the men, demanding that they turn themselves in.

“It has been 8 days since the murder of our friend ... and we still await an arrest of the two perpetrators,” said Abeo Jackson in a recent Facebook post.

“They are obviously being assisted by their family, friends and communities who must know where they are and are willfully harbouring them or feel their reputations may be harmed in some way if they come forward.”

The two men’s names were called and they were told that it was only a matter of time they were found, so they might as well approach the police themselves. Jackson also thanked people who shared his posts and highlighted Singh’s death, and encouraged them to continue petitioning the police for answers, saying the police must know they will not rest until Singh’s killers are brought to justice.

On September 12, 52-year-old Singh was found dead in the bedroom of his Mohan Avenue, Arouca home. While police did not reveal much in the way of details on how he was found, an autopsy confirmed that he died from manual strangulation.

Sources told Newsday that police are working on several theories in the investigation, including the theory that he and the two men may have been involved in rough play.

Newsday understands investigators have footage which was taken by a camera which was mounted in his room.

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