Artist shines her light

ARTIST Gaby Beston Edwards will show off her new works at the 101 Art Gallery in Newtown in an exhibition titled Embodied Light.

Edwards likes to work with oils and chalk pastels for the vibrancy of their colours to capture the luminosity of life in her paintings and the play of light and shadow, said a media release. Her painting process begins with taking photographs and working out the compositions on canvas in colour pencils before she begins to paint.

Edwards says that this is her experience of the divine, her expression of spirituality and self- inquiry. Nature in all its forms, its nuances and exquisite patterns and geometry, is her muse. Her abstracts are influenced by the shades of colour that define distance, space, whimsy geographical mapping, contours and light. She embraces the inevitable calm that comes when we set our sights ahead, when we look at the big picture and acknowledge that we are part of something grand and beautiful, the release said.

Born in Venezuela, Edwards has lived in TT from infancy. She attended St Monica’s Prep, Holy Name Convent and the Maple Leaf International School. At 16, she left Trinidad to begin her post-secondary schooling –first in England at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth, then to St Petersburg, Florida, USA, to begin her BA which she completed in New Orleans. Edwards graduated with a major in psychology and a minor in visual arts. While deciding whether to pursue psychology as a career path, or her art, it became clear to her that what she truly wanted was to return to TT to paint.

This exhibition runs from 10 am-2 pm tomorrow at 84 Woodford Street, Newtown, and continues until October 3.


"Artist shines her light"

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