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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Who guards the working class?

THE EDITOR: In this unitary state of TT there is a lot of ambiguity in what people think, say and do. Sometimes the duality leaves people bewildered.

OWTU through its mouthpiece claims that it is the guardian of the working class (a minority group?). Isn’t the Government in charge of security of the State, the all-inclusive group? It seems that OWTU president-general Ancel Roget is really concerned about the elite of the working class, that is, those workers who are members of his union and receive above average wages. But who did he call on to support the “rest and reflect” action but lesser mortals.

Way back when the government of the day saw it fit to cut public servants’ salary by ten per cent to avert economic disaster, were the untouchables affected? This section of the working class continued their feast, priding themselves with being the highest earners of foreign exchange, justifying their meaty salaries.

Which section of the working class was called on to make the sacrifice to keep TT afloat?

Please be reminded that we do not elect governments by revolution but by a majority vote. The defeated minority is never justified in disrupting the flow of life in the society. Regardless of political suasion, we are all committed to follow the rule of law as a civil society. As a matter of fact the state is run by the tyranny of the majority.

The electorate has authorised the Government to make certain decisions to manage TT. Some we like, others may hit us where it hurts the most but we have to toe the line. At the end of the day the Government has to consider all citizens and not just an ethnic group or religious organisation or economic class. Trinis like their skin and any drastic changes we allow the electoral process to take its course, not bloodshed or any lesser discomfort.

Remove Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and his party and replace them with the current opposition? Six of one, half of a dozen of the other. Same khaki pants. Is Rowley acting on behalf of all, the majority or the minority? Is the trade union movement concerned with all, the majority or the minority?

Roget and company must stop being spoilt brats. Why does the country have to raise these questions about Petrotrin at this hour? The party is over and it’s time to increase productivity amidst the belt-tightening.

Historically, it is the working class that has been called upon to make governments look good. Let’s continue that peaceful tradition in the absence of trade unions’ willingness to join the business class.

Nature abhors a vacuum and the late Bob Marley in his wisdom advised that “when one door is closed, many more will open.” So bring on the counterproposal to convince the population about Petrotrin. Fear not, there has always been a silver lining behind every dark cloud and when opposites are in conflict there has always been progress.


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