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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Terminal illness killing Petrotrin

THE EDITOR: The Petrotrin debacle isn’t understood by the mass majority; nothing in this country really is. Our culture over the years is to pick a political side and have a good time. It’s either you’re red and ready or you’re yellow and ripe.

King Austin asked in song who will guard the guards but we never really paid that message any mind.

Now Petrotrin has a terminal illness called “lack of productivity stage four,” which is very similar to stage 4 cancer and it has been given until October 1 to live. It’s rather unfortunate that the bulk of her family never knew of her ailment over the many years she was suffering, even though every five years someone is elected to see after her health. Apparently they just took her wealth and left her to decline.

The specialist doctors, after analysing her condition, said she’s not producing enough oil and to keep her on life support is so costly it’s virtually impossible to continue. Unlike cancer, “lack of productivity” shows early symptoms, even before it reaches stage 1 and if it’s caught early in stage 4 it could still be cured.

Some very good friends and loved ones who worked and represented Petrotrin when she was vibrant and active still have hope and belief she could get better if her father listens to them and tries the recommended alternative herbal medicine.

But the father is adamant that even if the herbal treatment is used she will still die. And even if she doesn’t she will turn out to be a virtual vegetable and no use to herself, so what sense does that make.

Whatever the outcome, cognizance must be taken of some other members of the family who have signs of the same disease and should be treated immediate before they develop fully-blown “lack of productivity.”


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