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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Crackdown on elderly/child abuse, domestic violence

ACP Jeffrey George, newly appointed Divisional Commander, Tobago, plans to crack down on abuse of the elderly, child abuse and domestic violence, with help from the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

In an interview with Newsday Tobago on Monday, George, in his second week in this new posting, said he would be approaching Health Secretary Agatha Carrington for assistance for senior citizens who were being abused.

“Some people cannot take care of the elderly - who is most of the time their (caregivers) siblings, but they hold onto them because of their pension and National Insurance mines, which for them is a nice raise. “These elderly persons are not benefitting from their old age benefits and are being abused.

“We will be collaborating with Social Services to see how best we can treat with this issue even if it means investigating a caregiver to protect our senior citizens. People might say that is not police work, but it is all for the better of Tobago.”

On decreasing incidences of child abuse on the island, George, who is originally from Tobago, said discussions would be held with Carrington on improving the care of and ensuring the safety of all children.

Stating that close attention would be paid to issues of domestic violence, George said police would be working with Carrington to assist women who become victims of domestic abuse but there would also be a focus on abused men.

“We will be dealing with domestic violence with both women and men. There will be an emphasis on men because there are men who are terribly abused but are ashamed to report it. We don’t have any problems with getting the women to come forward. I will ask my officers to pay specific attention to men who come into the station to make a report about domestic violence, to treat with it immediately,” he said.

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