Retiree, 72, tells court ganja is for prostate condition

Retiree James David, 72, of Bon Accord, on Monday pleaded guilty to marijuana, telling Magistrate Indar Jagroo that he has been advised by a doctor in Barbados to drink tea made from the leaves of marijuana and Moringa, twice a day, to deal with his prostate condition.

David appeared before Jagroo in the Sacrborough Magistrates Court on Monday, after he was arrested and charged with 3.5 grammes of marijuana last Friday. He was searched by police officers attached to the Crown Point police station after they became suspicious when he shoved his right hand into his pocket while they approached him.

Police reported that around 2:55pm on Friday, David was walking along #1 Village Street Gaskin Bay Road, Bon Accord when he was stopped and searched, and officers seized a packet of marijuana wrapped in transparent plastic.

David told Magistrate Jagroo that he discovered that he has developed prostate issues and was advised by a doctor in Barbados that he should drink tea made from marijuana and Mmringa leaves, twice a day, instead of undergoing surgery.

He said he was scared to go through with the surgery but was prepared to face the consequences if held with marijuana because his health was more important.

He was placed on a bond to keep the peace for one year. If broken, he will be fined $1,000.

Also pleading guilty to marijuana possession, Damian Baptiste, a 26- year-old farmer, who despite his saying he was sorry, and maintaining that he was a first-time offender, was fined $500.

Police reports are that around 4:15 pm Baptiste was spotted by police officers on mobile patrol walking along James Street junction, Goodwood acting suspiciously. He was approached and searched, and 1.1 grammes of marijuana found in a small transparent plastic bag.

Police told the Magistrate Jagroo that Baptiste had previously appeared in court charged for larceny.

Security officer and street vendor, Michelle Curbert, also expressed deep regret as she appeared before Magistrate Jagroo, charged for possession of marijuana. She told Jagroo the marijuana helps her stay awake during her shifts at work.

With a previous charge for possession of marijuana in November 2017, she was fined $1, 500.

Police reports are that Curbert was in a vehicle with two other persons at 4.15 am on Monday along the Bethel Main Road when police on mobile patrol saw one of the occupants in the back seat of the vehicle looking back frantically at the police vehicle. The vehicle sped off but was soon stopped by the officers who, on carrying out a search, found a quantity of marijuana under Curbert’s purse which was resting near her feet.


"Retiree, 72, tells court ganja is for prostate condition"

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