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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

A captain’s knock from you, Gary

THE EDITOR: Today when our country is pregnant with scholars who hold degrees in criminology, today with the existence of multiple communications specialists among us, in an era when technology is the order of the day, criminals are still winning the war on crime.

How could this be given the size of the country and given that the majority of our policeman and policewomen are dedicated and are up to the task for which they were mandated?

This debacle lies squarely at the feet of the former police commissioners who failed to undertake the critical task of house cleaning. This exercise is usually carried out prior to taking up occupancy of a new home and in many situations it is done immediately on taking up such occupancy.

House cleaning is vital as large numbers are often mistaken for a symbol of strength, but emphasis should be placed on the old adage, “a chain is as strong as its weakest link.”

Commendations go out to the new top cop for starting the process of identifying and weeding out the weak links or corrupt cops from the organisation he now heads. This is an area where in living memory no other police commissioner ever demonstrated that he had the testicular fortitude to venture.

The new commissioner has begun on the right note and he seems to be imbued with the capacity to hold this bull by the horns and not be hurt in the ordeal.

But Griffith in carrying out this critical function must tread with some degree of care and precision as weeding out corrupt elements from any organisation can at times be sensitive as in the process a worker who is dependable and of high moral standing can be adversely affected. It is similar to pulling up weeds from the kitchen garden.

In pulling up a weed sometimes a genuine plant that has just begun to develop and blossom comes up with that weed because their roots are entwined below in the soil.

As beneficial as it may be it is not always simple to weed out the corrupt element from the services. Corrupt cops lead their juniors but also mislead them and the “virus” spreads.

Positive shades of former CoP Randolph Burroughs, now deceased, have been discerned in the mannerism of the new commissioner and that may be partially responsible for the outpouring of support and backing he has been receiving from law-abiding nationals in Trinidad and the sister isle.

Former CoP Stephen Williams, when faced with the maddening spate of shooting deaths despite his best efforts, had decided on seeking divine intervention. This is a course that many would welcome as the current perception is that “we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

There are spiritual leaders in various communities who are ready and willing to emerge with their flock to dispel the darkness that is pervading this land. It would be to the country’s best interest to engage them as the use of guns, heavy artillery or even modern-day technology would prove effective in spiritual warfare.

I wish to urge Griffith to adhere to the aforementioned measures. These are critical innovations that would undoubtedly make a difference in this war in which citizens are trapped. You are your team’s new captain, Gary, and currently you are performing at optimum level.

Should you be derailed for any reason whatever and fall short of a good “captain’s knock” there would be a sense of bewilderment felt by nationals. Many may become devoid of hope for a better and safer tomorrow.

DAVID O’ NEAL via e-mail

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