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Saturday 23 February 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Belmont Boys in need of desks

THE EDITOR: I am a concerned parent of the Belmont Boys RC School.

The school was relocated to its new compound for the new school term, however, only the standard fives, first and second year students have had classes since they have furniture from the old school compound.

This is the second week since the reopening of school and standards 1 to 4 students have not been able to attend classes due to no tables available. Initially the issue was no furniture then chairs came without tables. The school is now awaiting tables.

Up to today there have not been any tables delivered to the school the last I heard was that a couple of tables were delivered but the chair could not fit under the tables so they will have to be returned. Parents have been taking their children to school only to be turned away at the gate.

These students are missing out on valuable classroom time and are being deprived tremendously of an education by this issue of no furniture, when all of these issues should have been dealt with over the vacation, it is very unfair to these students.

My concern is why is it taking so long for furniture to be delivered to the school when I am most certain before the opening of the new school it was well known that the students would need desks and chairs. It has been two weeks already since these students have been home from school. I am hoping it does not take another two weeks before anything is done to address this situation.

Concerned Parent via e-mail

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