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Thursday 21 March 2019
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Girls must learn to defend themselves

STUDENTS especially girls must be aware of their surrounding at all times and they must also learn how to defend themselves. This was the message from Rio Claro/Mayaro MP, Rushton Paray to the parents, teachers and students of the Mafeking Government Primary School.

“Students ages five to 11 should be taught how to deal with any unpleasant situation that they may face during school and at home,” he said.

Paray shared his personal experience in raising daughters saying it is important to train them to be brave.

“They will accept mediocrity around them if they’re not brave,” he said.

While commending the parents for showing interest in their children’s future Paray urged them to keep a keen eye on their children’s progress.

Paray said: “There is a shift occurring globally and we have to guide them and tool them from now for survival in an ever changing world.” Parents’ greatest investment, he said, is in their children as they provide hope for a good future in their respective homes and country.

He also told parents especially fathers to spend time with children as this allows for easier communication.

As parents, he said, they have five years through the primary school period to instil values.

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