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Thursday 22 August 2019
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Moriah man tired of walking to work, steals child’s bicycle

Romano Roberts of Highlands, Moriah pleaded guilty to stealing a child’s bicycle in August. telling Magistrate Brian Dabideen at the Scarborough Magistrate’s Court on Monday, that he took the bicycle because he was tired of walking to work.

Roberts, a supermarket employee, who also gave his address as St Augustine, Trinidad, appeared before Dabideen to answer charges of possession of marijuana and larceny.

Around 10 am last Thursday, officers attached to the Moriah Police Station, executed a search warrant at Roberts home in Moriah, looking for a green and white BMX bicycle which was reported stolen between August 28 and 31 by a resident at Woodlands, Moriah.

During their search of Roberts home, officers found a small plant resembling marijuana on a shelf inside a plastic container.

A bicycle resembling the stolen bicycle was also recovered. Roberts currently has six pending matters before the Scarborough and Tunapuna Magistrates’ courts including larceny, wounding with intent and another marijuana charge. He was fined $1,500 and remanded into custody.

Also appearing before Magistrate Dabideen was Unemployed Relief Program (URP) employee Dominic Decoteau of Charlotteville who was charged with possession of a large quantity of marijuana. Decoteau pleaded guilty after he was charged on Sunday morning by officers at the Charlottesville Police Station.

Police reports are that around 12:12 am, Decoteau was seen walking along Banana Boat Yard in Charlotteville, carrying a pink and black Jansport backpack when officers observed he started to act suspiciously, running off when officers attempted to approach him. He was stopped a few feet away and upon searching his person, officers found 709 grams of marijuana inside the backpack wrapped in a black plastic bag. Decoteau was arrested and charged.

He told Dabideen that he had no intention of selling the marijuana but had bought it from a dealer to host a party with friends in the area. When asked who was the dealer, Decoteau declined to give a name.

He was fined $18,000 and remanded into custody.

In another matter, Jaymal Louter, a Jamaican national, pleaded guilty for possession of marijuana.

Last Friday, Louter was stopped and searched by police officers along Golden Grove Road in Canaan around 8:05pm. The officers who were on patrol, stopped a vehicle after it commented a traffic offence. Louter, who was seated in the back seat of the car, began to act suspiciously.

He was searched by officers who discovered 1.5 grams of marijuana in his possession. He was placed on a bond of peace for two years.

Also appearing in court, Ancil Joseph pleaded guilty to possession of 4.3 grams of marijuana.

He was arrested and charged on September 6, when he and another man were searched by officers who came upon them standing near a car along Phase 2, Calder Hall, metres away from the St Andrews Anglican Primary school.

The officers conducted the search upon detecting a strong marijuana scent coming from the direction of the men. They found a quantity of plant-like substance resembling marijuana. Police said the other man admitted the substance belonged to him. Joseph was reprimanded for using marijuana near a school and fined $4,000.

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